Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plasma in Pet Food Not Always a “Trick”

Recently we read a blog post regarding the use of spray-dried animal plasma used in pet foods by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker. Dr. Becker was responding to information posted on, a trade publication to the pet food industry. The information revealed that companies can use plasma to absorb quality differences from one batch of meat by-products raw material to the next.¹ Dr. Becker referred to this as a “trick” but did go on to point out the carnivore-appropriate nutritional value of plasma. We’d like to expand upon that with a little more information about plasma and our foods.

Plasma Adds Natural Nutrients to Pet Food

While some pet food companies might be using plasma to cover up lower quality ingredients or bind watery foods, Nature’s Logic uses plasma for its nutrient value.
As Dr. Becker pointed out, “carnivores in the wild routinely consume the blood of prey animals.” The inclusion of animal plasma is one reason Nature’s Logic does NOT need to add any chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals, or other man-made nutrients routinely added to pet foods.

Low Water in Nature's Logic - Binders Not Needed

The real “trick” in canned pet food is the AAFCO exception to its own maximum 78% water content rule. If a company labels canned food as a gravy or stew, they can put in all the water they want, as much as 81, 82, 85 and 88% water. More water means less nutrition. Nature's Logic canned diets are the lowest in moisture of any canned food on the market. We don’t have to use plasma to bind water. We use it because it is a carnivore-appropriate source of natural nutrients.  More on water content in canned pet food here:

100% Truly Natural Pet Food
Nature’s Logic is committed to providing the highest quality and safest nutrition for dogs and cats. The company has created the first and only full-line kibble, canned, and raw frozen pet food in the world with no chemically-synthesized ingredients. Nature’s Logic is the pioneer in developing truly 100% natural pet foods derived from nature…not chemistry. For more information about Nature’s Logic, visit

What do you think about plasma in pet food?

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