Saturday, April 28, 2012

How High Quality Pet Foods Maintain Nutrition with Various Levels of Processing

Processing pet food changes the consistency and nutritional content. Manufacturers do this in order to ensure the food is safe for your pet to eat. That is, certain steps in the process of making pet food are there to eliminate harmful bacteria or to prevent the food from spoiling. Sometimes processing is for convenience of the pet food company, but often it is to deliver the convenient product demanded by pet parents. When evaluating what form or brand of pet food to feed your dog or cat, consider the different processing steps, what they do, and how high-quality pet food manufacturers make sure your pet’s food is safe and nutritious.    

Friday, April 20, 2012

Three Key Reasons Nature’s Logic Pet Foods are Environmentally Friendly

Earth Day is a great time to evaluate how our lives, and those of our pets, impact the environment. More and more pet parents use environmental considerations when buying products for their dogs and cats. Nature’s Logic pet foods are nutrient-dense, with no synthetic vitamins or minerals and no genetically-modified ingredients to help reduce your pet’s carbon paw print.

1. Nature’s Logic Contains NO Chemically-synthesized Vitamins or Minerals

Nature’s Logic not only keeps potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives out of pets, but it keeps them out of the environment, too. Many high-quality foods on the market don’t use chemical preservatives, but only Nature’s Logic is truly 100% natural. Nature’s Logic formulas contain none of the chemically-synthesized added vitamins and minerals added to virtually all other commercial pet

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beware of Overdosing Pets on Synthetic Supplements Intended to Help

When your pet gets sick or develops a health condition of some kind, naturally you want to do all you can to heal him. That might include a change to a higher-quality pet food, a visit to the vet, medications, or more often supplements intended to help. But well-intentioned pet owners can sometimes do more harm than good, particularly when giving too many synthetic nutrients like vitamins, minerals, or amino acids.  These man-made supplements are already present in nearly all pet foods but they are not without risks. In excess, these artificial nutrients can actually harm your pet. This is a greater problem for pets than most of their loving care-takers even realize.