Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Feed Your Pet Dry Kibble – More Naturally

Nature’s Logic founder Scott Freeman, took a moment to answer a common concern about feeding dry kibble. After 14 years in the pet food industry he has taken hundreds of calls from customers concerned about their pets digestive upset.

Dry kibble food is here to stay, but I am totally convinced that it is far from the natural diet of our pets and is the cause of many of their digestive issues. Because of this, I believe kibble feeding needs some tweaking in order to help our pets better digest it for a healthier outcome.

I am confident, over 90% of the digestive issues, in cats and dogs, which include gas, soft stool, diarrhea, and diagnosis of irritable bowel, whether a correct diagnosis or not, is caused by the overfeeding of kibble. I derive this conclusion from the number of these issues which have gone away when the caller follows my simple advice of feeding less and adding moisture.