Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hidden Ingredients: More Harmful Than what You Are Avoiding?

Concerned pet parents are frequently asking us if Nature’s Logic diets include a list of various ingredients, such as chicken, beef, cheese, fish etc. Usually these requests come after a visit to the vet where allergy testing has been done. The results of most allergy testing are an endless list of foods and other things, which their pet should avoid.

What is often then recommended is an expensive so called hypoallergenic clinical or prescription diet made from low quality ingredients that can only be bought from the vet. Though it can sometimes sounds like the only option, is it really the best for the pet?

The short note below is from a recent email we received. The email simply asked,
Hi, do you have a dog food formula without cheese?

Before this pet parent declined Nature’s Logic because of less than 1% of cheese in most of our diets, I wanted to make sure they knew more about Nature’s Logic and a little more about other diets, which they might not have known.

Here was our reply: 

Yes, All of our diets contain a small amount of cheese powder or cottage cheese.

However, the intolerance to milk products is usually always lactose, we have had our food tested for lactose, and the results come back that none is detected.

But, are you aware, that many ingredients in natural products contain hidden processing aids such as whey, sucrose, corn and soy products? Most of these processing unseen aids are in the following ingredients in pet diets:

·       All added vitamins and minerals in pet foods contain one or more of the following: corn products, soy products, MSG, whey and/or sucrose.
·       All the added fat-soluble vitamins are preserved with BHT.
·       Added synthetic amino acids such as taurine and dl-methionine can contain some of the processing aids mentioned above.

Nature's Logic does not use any added vitamins or mineral, amino acids or natural flavorings, I would suggest to you that our diets are freer of potential allergens than a diet without a small amount of cheese but containing added synthetic vitamins, minerals, amino acids or natural flavoring with these hidden allergens.

Nature’s Logic diets are very successful in helping dogs and cats with food sensitivities, and I hope you will consider trying them. You may also find this article How Natural is Natural, of interest to you. It further illustrates the misleading nature of the word “natural” on pet food labels.

From experience, we see phenomenal results when Nature’s Logic is used to treat dogs and cats with skin and digestive allergy issues. We believe this is due to two factors. One is due to the absence of the many allergens hidden in the synthetic supplementation found in other foods. The second factor is due to the nutritional benefit of the pet receiving the complete natural spectrum of real food vitamins, minerals, amino acids and all accompanying cofactors of which there are thousands present in real, whole food.

Nature is Best

The evidence in good nutritional literature is always substantiating how nature is the best place to get your nutrients and those for your pet. That is what Nature’s Logic is all about, supplying all essential nutrients for your pet from real foods and never from the chemical plants where they need to add many undisclosed ingredients which could result in unsolved problems for your pets.

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