Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What About GMO’s and Protein?

Nature’s Logic frequently receives calls on whether the animals it uses for its proteins consume any GMO ingredients. The answer to this is, “does any company really know 100% for sure the answer to this question?”

First of all Nature’s Logic uses no GMO ingredients in any of its diets. Furthermore, Nature’s Logic knows that the New Zealand grass fed lamb and venison have not consumed any rations containing GMO’s. This would also be true of the sardines harvested in the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway used in the new fish diet.

The answer becomes difficult when it comes to animals raised and fed rations elsewhere. Even if the grain rations fed to chickens, rabbits, ducks and cows are certified organic, that certification does not apply to the added synthetic vitamins and minerals and amino acids used to fortify the rations fed to these animals. Undisclosed GMO soybeans are most likely used as the protein source in the manmade proteinate minerals. There are also many processing aids used in synthetic vitamins and Natural Flavorings; all ingredients in the rations of these animals. These undisclosed processing aids are products from both soy and corn and again are most likely GMO forms of these ingredients, even if the ration is certified organic. But if you disregard the processing aids possibly made with undisclosed GMO’s, what about the many synthetic supplements synthesized from soybean and corn. Not only do the chemical companies make the synthetic vitamins, the chemical companies create the GMO corn and soybean seeds. So which do you think are used to synthesize the vitamins?

Even grass fed range cattle in the USA are supplemented year around, but especially during the winter with cattle cubes or protein licks that are fortified with the synthetic vitamins and minerals containing the undisclosed ingredients above which certainly could contain GMO corn and soybean.

So in conclusion, there is certainly a good possibility that even most grass fed cattle and most-all poultry and rabbits fed rations could be eating some GMO ingredients. The same is true of the organic turkey, beef, and chicken people are buying at the health food store. Also, without exception, synthetic fortification is added to all kinds of certified and natural processed food. The next time in a health food store, look at the long list of added synthetic vitamins and minerals in health drinks, replacement meals, processed health bars, cookies, most flours and breads, cereals, and the list goes on. All of these added synthetic vitamins and minerals most likely contain ingredients made from GMO’s.

Every Nature’s Logic product excludes the use of any manmade synthetic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or Natural Flavorings thereby probably avoiding more GMO ingredients than any other brand on the market. It also chooses ingredients with no or minimal processing aids to avoid unwanted and undisclosed ingredients. Taking these steps to insure the purest products for consumers is always our aim and goal.

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