Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 List of Best Pet Foods Names Nature's Logic

On December 1, 2011 Susan Thixon, the pet food advocate behind the website, published The List of Best Pet Foods and Nature’s Logic made the list! Based upon her own extensive research, Thixon used several criteria for selecting the 10 commercial pet foods she would feel comfortable feeding her own pets: Quality of Ingredients, Transparency/Customer Service, Integrity, and additional factors she knows from years of reporting on the pet food industry. No companies on the list paid to appear on this list or sponsored Thixon or her advocacy efforts in any way. Companies only learned of their inclusion on the list days before it was published.

In selecting Nature’s Logic for Susan Thixon’s 2012 The List of Best Pet Foods, Thixon cites several reasons, including transparency. “The history of communication I have had with this pet food company goes back many years,” writes Susan, “and each time they have provided me with complete answers the first time I ask. Prompt and honest answers from a pet food company is a very good sign.” Thixson also notes that Nature’s Logic “uses food to provide all the necessary nutrition,” with no added synthetic vitamins or minerals prevalent in other pet foods.

Susan Thixton, dubbed the 'Caped Crusader for Safe Pet Food', is a pet food safety advocate.  Her website, provides pet food education to pet parents all over the world.  Susan is a frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows across the U.S. and Canada, was interviewed in a pet food documentary being produced in Spain, has presented her unique pet food education to veterinary students at Western University of Health Sciences, and has represented pet parents at pet food regulatory meetings. The List of Best Pet Foods is available for purchase, for as low as $5, at: Funds support Susan’s advocacy efforts.

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