Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diet Tips for Cats Predisposed to Urethral Blockage

Pet parents with male cats, in particular neutered male cats, may have to deal with an episode of urethral obstruction at some point in the life of their feline friend.  This condition blocks the passage of urine and can be life-threatening if not treated.¹ If your male cat has not yet been neutered, waiting until he is around a year old, so the urethra is fully developed, may reduce the chance of urinary obstruction later. If your boys are already neutered, there are some food considerations that can help prevent future urinary tract issues. 
Feed Moist Cat Food

The mineral deposits commonly associated with urethral obstructions in cats tend to form in urine that is concentrated.² The more water your cat consumes the
more dilute his urine will be, making it less likely to contain deposits. So, in addition to making sure your cat has a constant source of clean, fresh water (perhaps a pet fountain), the best way cat parents can prevent urinary problems is to always feed moist food, high in meat content. Nature’s Logic formulas are rich in protein derived from beef, chicken, duck, lamb, rabbit, venison, and sardine.

Canned pet foods have much higher moisture content, usually 75%-78%, than dry foods which contain only around 10-12% moisture.³ This is why canned-food diets are often supplemented with the more nutrient-dense, dry pet foods. For cats predisposed to urethral blockage, a diet consisting exclusively of dry food may not be the best choice. Feeding canned food will increase the water your cat consumes, helping to prevent future urinary problems.  

pH of Cat Food & Urine

Researchers have found that a cat’s urine pH is an important contributing factor to the occurrence of urinary obstruction in cats. Mineral deposits and crystals are less likely to be formed in a more acidic urine.4 A diet high in animal protein naturally acidifies urine. Nature’s Logic feline canned foods range in dry-matter protein content from 40 to 50%.

Some pet food companies add synthetic dl-methionine to increase the acidity of their food, especially those that do not have high animal-protein content. Nature’s Logic foods contain sufficient levels of natural methionine and other amino acids because of the high meat or poultry content of our diets. We have no need to spike them with synthetically made Methionine, Taurine, or other man-made ingredients. For more information about our 100% natural pet foods, please visit

Have you ever had a cat with urethral blockage?



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  2. Symptoms of feline urinary blockage may include frequent trips to the litter box or requesting to go outside with very little or no urine being expelled. A cat may also meow or wail in pain when he is blocked.