Sunday, August 7, 2011

Minor Changes Make Nature’s Logic Even Better

As our new packaging continues to roll out, we are receiving a few questions from customers about some changes they have noticed.  We’d like to answer those questions here, so everyone can benefit from the information. The changes may be grouped into three categories:
·        New Packaging
·        Manufacturing Improvements
·        Minor Ingredient Adjustments
New Packaging

In early 2011, Nature’s Logic began introducing our new packaging. The first product sporting the updated look was the new Sardine Canine Canned formula. We followed that new product introduction with new labels on the other canned flavors.

Currently we are implementing the new packaging on our dry kibble formulas. The Canine Chicken kibble is now making its way to stores, in both the 4.4- and 26.4-pound bags. The Beef kibble, in the 26.4-pound bag, is currently being printed and will be next to arrive in stores, followed by the 7.7-pound bag of Feline Rabbit and the 26.4-pound Canine Lamb. We expect to complete the new packaging make-over on all other kibble formulas by the end of 2011.  

In addition to the new look, with lighter, more “natural” colors and designs, some of our customers have also noticed that we removed the calcium and phosphorus content information. We did this to make room for more educational information about the food and other information requested by customers, such as the number of calories (kcals) in each of our foods. Since a complete nutritional analysis for each product, including the essential fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorus, is on our website at, we felt we could remove this information without too great an inconvenience to our customers.  

Manufacturing Improvements 

Some customers also noticed that the number of kcals and feeding instructions changed ever-so-slightly. This was a result of adjustments to our manufacturing process. We improved the grinding of our ingredients to create a smoother-textured kibble with better uniformity throughout each piece. This resulted in a better and consistent density, slightly decreasing the calories per cup, resulting in the minor adjustment to feeding guidelines. The more uniform pieces, along with improvements that also reduced breakage and crumbling, led to more cups of food per bag. This increased volume means more calories/nutrients in each bag of Nature’s Logic kibble.  

Minor Ingredient Adjustments  

Nature’s Logic foods are still formulated as dogs and cats, natural carnivores, would eat in the wild. They are rich in high-quality animal proteins, low in carbohydrate, with all nutrients coming from whole foods and 100% natural ingredients. But there have been a few very minor adjustments to the ingredients that some customers have noticed on the new bags.  

If you compare the old to the new, you’ll notice that we removed flaxseed from our formulas. We did this in response to customer concerns about information on the internet regarding a possible connection between flaxseed and reproductive issues in pets. From our review of the literature, Nature’s Logic does not believe this is a risk. However, since we could increase pumpkin seed in our foods and replace any nutritional value lost from the removal of flaxseed, we took it out.

Thank you!

Nature’s Logic is committed to providing the safest, most nutritious food possible for your dogs and cats. Thank you for the opportunity to explain these minor changes and for your continued support.

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