Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Feed Raw?

As more and more pet parents seek only the best natural pet foods, some are asking us what the buzz is about feeding dogs and cats a raw diet. Feeding a properly-formulated raw food to a carnivore is feeding your pet what it most appropriately should eat. Raw meat and poultry, along with proper percentages of bone and organ meat, supply a naturally correct profile of amino acids and most vitamins and minerals. Also, inherent in the raw food are enzymes and bacteria that aid in digestion and play a key role in a healthy immune system.

A carnivore-appropriate raw diet would also contain small amounts of vegetation and fruit, which can also supply some essential nutrients. A proper raw food, based on high percentages of animal protein and little or no grain, can greatly reduce a number of diseases or the severity of them in our pets. A good raw diet is an excellent choice for any dog or cat. For more information about Nature's Logic raw foods for dogs and cats, please visit

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