Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nutro Recall

On May 21, 2009, Nutro Products announced a voluntary recall of some of their dry cat food sku’s. It was found that some batches were over-supplemented with zinc and under supplemented with potassium. Their recall notice stated this was a formulation mistake by their synthetic vitamin mineral premix supplier.

National Research Council studies have shown that over-supplementation of zinc in cats can cause a loss of appetite, fibrous changes in the pancreas, weight loss and vomiting. Vomiting can lead to a further loss of potassium in the body.

Note from Nature’s Logic: Nature has supplied us with many foods that contain sufficient amounts of zinc and potassium including beef, poultry, fish, nuts, cheese, broccoli, tomatoes and apricots. All of these whole food sources are found in Nature’s Logic pet foods. Enough of these natural zinc and potassium sources are used so Nature’s Logic does not have to add any man-made chemically synthesized vitamin/mineral premixes to any of its diets. Nature’s Logic is committed to using just food for nutritional needs rather than chemical forms of supplements in which errors can occur resulting in either sickness or death to pets. A formulation error is what occurred with the Nutro cat food sku's. Another recent formulation error happened in the over supplementation of man-made selenium to 21 polo horses in Florida which lead to renal failure and death. Also, in 2006, a synthetic vitamin/mineral premix error of Vitamin D3 in both dog and cat foods resulted in hypercalcemia and death for a number of the pets. Nature’s Logic pet diets do with food what all other companies do with chemical forms of supplements made in chemical plants. These elements can be very dangerous and even lethal at certain levels as has been unfortunately demonstrated on numerous occasions.

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  1. Be nice to hear a sorry. My cat suffered greatly but thankfully survived when I switched foods. there was a $1000 vet charge for all the high Ca tests.....